About Us

New as of 2018 the V&V is back – rebranded as the New V&V but still run by the same family that created the original V&V mobile takeaway many years ago.

Some of you may remember Tom the owner of the original V&V, with the help of his wife Annie and their four children, they have spent the last 25 years building many businesses to serve the local community great Chinese Cuisine.

His first venture as a business owner was the V&V van which he built on the side of the road on Barclay Crescent in the Old Town of Stevenage in the early-90s, which he ran successfully for many years until he saved enough money to buy a real takeaway with a fixed address. Following the success of of his makeshift van he went on to remodel a chip shop to serve both chinese cuisine and fish & chips – Stevenage Fishbar in Bragbury End.

Always looking for his next venture he moved on to open several other takeaways some of them you may have heard of; the V&V chinese takeaway in Hertford, Fortunes Place in Great Ashby, and finally his most recent venture the New V&V in the Oval.

Now in his late 50’s Tom is taking a step back from the long hours in the kitchen and the crazy cooking scrambles of the weekend. You will now likely find him behind the counter and letting his personally trained chefs do the heavy lifting while keeping a watchful eye.